Virtual Assistance done with EXCELLENCE

We have an entire expert remote team within reach of your fingertips. We keep your business & life on the right track.
My name is Basia Gombinska and I am a Virtual Assistant. We are passionate about helping busy business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers succeed by assisting them with reducing their workload. Our mission is assistance EXCELLENCE, so you can focus on your business and attract more ideal clients!
I understand! Your main responsibility is to focus on core operations. You work hard! Having an EXTRA HAND on projects is essential to your business growth. We are here to help you and make that happen.
We get it! Efficient customer handling puts the IDENTITY and REPUTATION of your brand on the line. We care about your IMAGE! We can make up for the skill gap in your organization. It will provide you with a pipeline of extra skill sets.
We strive to provide HIGH-QUALITY services. Dedication to protecting your interests and the company’s reputation are our priority. We guarantee confidentiality!


Choose your own package or send us an e-mail for your own tailored to your own needs.

Virtual assistant
a trusted asset who takes away your frustrations, by completing tasks you don't.

About our TEAM

The SUPER-PA has been in business with international experience for many years. We have learned how to do Virtual Assistance right.

Our experts are working efficiently in a remote environment, saving our clients time and money.

Our Virtual Assistants become an extension of your team for one-time projects, short-term gap assistance or long-term engagements. We will match you and your team with the exact expertise you need short or long term.

We provide you with an expert to enrich your team without a burden of a salary, benefits, equipment costs and complications of an employee. Simultaneously we are ensuring workforce development to keep up with the latest trends, technology updates and other requirements.

Simplifying – We take care of all of that for you!


Per Hour

R 350.00


10h package

R 3 300.00


20h package

R 6 400.00


40h package

R 12 000.00